“We thoroughly enjoyed the walks with my almost-4 grandson. The paths were fun to explore, and the "toys" were a huge hit! The activities and tools included were thoughtfully planned and would be enjoyed by kids as old as 7 or 8. And I loved that it was an adult/child activity where we barely saw other groups, so the social distancing was easy”.- Janie J.


“We looooooove this!!! I teach kindergarten and I'm just so impressed by how thoughtful and thorough these kits are. My son is really enjoying them and learning a lot, and I've noticed that I too am starting to notice different things when we are out in nature, by having this guidance. Obviously we have been going out into nature a lot in the last few months, and it's nice to have this purposeful work to do and not just my own observations to go off of.”- Carolyn L.


“I spent time working through the adventures with my five year old, and all in all it was fantastic. I really appreciated the specific activities, especially the more “lesson-focused” aspects… I often spend time in forest preserves with my kids, but it was really great to have focused content to look at outside of me saying “look at that animal or bug”.” – Corey B.