An educational program of Lake Forest Open Lands Association, the Center for Conservation Leadership (CCL) expands the organization’s mission of conserving land empowering young stewards to promote environmental responsibility in their communities. CCL provides high school students with an interactive introduction to nature, conservation and stewardship by immersing them in the natural world, instilling in them an understanding of environmental issues and encouraging them to become stewards of natural resources on a local, regional, national, and global level. While hiking, canoeing, kayaking and exploring with CCL, participants come to understand their connection to the natural world and learn to take responsibility for its care and preservation.

CCL is a life-changing opportunity and its graduates go on to become more informed and involved citizens as they participate in conservation-based internships, take part in more advance eco-trips, study the environment in college and become advocates for the environment. They learn to be comfortable in the outdoors and to feel a sense of belonging to something bigger than they are.

Questions? Please contact Julia Lunn at or 847.234.3880 x25.

To foster future conservation leaders, CCL combines:

  • Environmental education
  • Outdoor adventure
  • A residential summer experience
  • A mentored conservation stewardship project
  • Leadership training

Questions? Please contact Julia Lunn at or 847.234.3880 x25.


Conserve. Inspire. Lead.