Please enjoy some memories with this short video and share our thanks to so many.
We’re looking forward to September 2021. Until then, we hope to see you on the trails!

Thank you for helping us bring the Bagpipes & Bonfire spirit to our neighborhoods on Saturday, September 19!

Thirty pipers played throughout Lake Forest and Lake Bluff on Saturday evening, and were embraced by so many in the community. Each piper was accompanied by an escort who held the LFOLA flag high! It was a moving and inspiring moment that connected us all.

In addition, over eighty Patrons, Orders of the Tartan and Grand Tartans enjoyed a delicious Scottish-themed dinner, picked up or delivered in a beautiful bag or basket with a bouquet of lovely flowers. Mellody Farm Nature Preserve was decorated festively with tartan flags, pumpkins and mums. Many enjoyed a dram of a unique Scotch at our tasting table as they gazed upon an autumn prairie sunset. There were family photos, pipers piping and a general feeling of celebration and warmth.

Saturday, September 19 

4:30-6:00 p.m. | Patron, Order of the Tartans and Grand Tartans ​
Hear the pipers, have a dram and pick up your dinner at Mellody Farm to enjoy the Bagpipes & Bonfire spirit at home.
Mellody Farm Nature Preserve

6:30 p.m. | The Pipes are Calling...OUR GIFT TO YOU
Bring the Bagpipes & Bonfire spirit @ Home with you!

Pipers will appear throughout Lake Forest to play Amazing Grace simultaneously at sunset creating a magical, mystical moment to bring our community together in a time when we need this camaraderie. We hope you will walk out the door of your home or gather at one of the piper locations in your neighborhood to enjoy the majesty of the moment and let this inspire you throughout the year as you create your own memories in Lake Forest Open Lands' nature preserves.

UNFORTUNATELY, DUE TO COVID-19 WE WILL NOT BE HOSTING A LOTTERY FOR A LARGE GROUP GATHERING ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. On Saturday, September 19 Patron, Order of the Tartan and Grand Tartan dinners are available to enjoy at home (scroll down for more information) and we will have 30 bagpipers playing throughout the community at 6:30 pm for all to enjoy.



American Legion
Lake Forest Cemetery
Cherokee School
Church of The Holy Spirit 
Deerpath Inn
Deer Path Middle School
Everett Farm Nature Preserve
Everett School
First Presbyterian Church
Forest Park
Gorton Community Center
Lake Forest College
Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital
Lake Forest Place

Lake Forest Country Day School
Lake Forest High School
Market Square
Mayflower Road
Mellody Farm Nature Preserve
Middlefork Farm Nature Preserve
Sheridan School
Skokie River Nature Preserve
South Park
St. Mary's Park
St. Patrick Church
Sunset Corner/Settler's Square
Triangle Park
Waveland Park
West Park

Bagpipes & Bonfire is Lake Forest Open Lands’ traditional autumn celebration of our community and its beautiful open spaces. It is also the primary fundraiser for Lake Forest Open Lands and the proceeds support our important conservation mission and work. 

Our beautiful nature preserves have remained open to all these past few months and the support of the community is more important than ever to continue to maintain them. Therefore, we are committed to keep the LFOLA fire burning again this fall in the hearts of our community if not in person!

We are not able to host the traditional picnic and bonfire on the Middlefork Farm field this year. To raise awareness of Lake Forest Open Lands and this event, we hope to keep our tradition strong and make this community spirit available to as many people as possible while engaging the community responsibly.

Despite all in 2020, the pipers will march and the sun will set. We hope you can join in!

Bring a little LFOLA home to you. Visit our Bagpipes & Bonfire live auction!

We hope you will consider supporting and joining us this year on Saturday, September 19 at one of the patron levels detailed below:

· Be greeted by pipers as you pick up 4 Scottish-themed dinners and dessert at Mellody Farm Nature Preserve. A dram of whiskey included with your adult dinners.
· A Scotch tasting to enjoy a dram while you pick up your dinner.
· A professional family photo taken at the preserve.
· Patron listing in the Bagpipes & Bonfire program, at and in a Forest & Bluff post-event ad.

· Be greeted by pipers as you pick up 6 Scottish-themed dinners, a bottle of single malt Scotch whisky and dessert at Mellody Farm Nature Preserve.
· A Scotch tasting to enjoy a dram while you pick up your dinner.
· A professional family photo taken at the preserve.
· Order of the Tartan listing in the Bagpipes & Bonfire program, at and in a Forest & Bluff post-event ad.

· 8 Scottish-themed dinners, a bottle of single malt Scotch whisky, dessert and a seasonal floral arrangement, all delivered to your home on Saturday evening by a bagpiper and LFOLA Board or staff member between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.
· A bagpiper will play the ceremonial Amazing Grace and several popular Scottish tunes at your home.
· Grand Tartan listing in the Bagpipes & Bonfire program, at and in a Forest & Bluff post-event ad.

Grand Tartans ($7,500+)
Anne and Steve Bent
Marina Carney in memory of Peter Carney
Jeff DePree and Belcher Families
Sue Dixon
Connie and Tom Duckworth
Jamee† and Marshall Field
Stephanie and John Harris

Hunter Family
Karla and Rob Johnson
Ann and Greg Jones
Jamee and Michael Kane
Knauz Auto Group
John and Paula Lillard
Blair and Becky Nagel

Elizabeth and Shelby Pruett
Sally Searle
Martha† and Howard Simpson
The Sommers Family
Robin and Sandy Stuart
Maryann and Tom Wells
† Deceased

Order of the Tartans ($1,500+)
Mark and Charlotte Ahern
Steve and Meg Barnhart
Charlie and Calvine Bowen
Dennis and Maureen Brown
Carruthers Family
Matthew Claeys
George and Alexandra Covington

Winnie and Bob Crawford
Katie and Matt Frekko
Mark and Mary Hoffman
Robert C. Kinnucan
Robert G. Knight, Jr. Family
Metro Storage
North Shore Gas

Mary and Robert Pasquesi
Jim and Paula Preschlack
The Quigley Family
Robin and Timm Reynolds
Betsy and Andy Rosenfield
Linda Shields in memory of Jerry Shields

Patrons ($500+)
Caroline and John Ballantine
Steve and Mary Baer
Susan Bouma
Chip and Mary Brennan
Jackson D. Brown
Ray and Nancy Buschmann
Pete and Elyse Butler
Cathie and Chris Carolin
Roger and Marion Christoph
Francesa and Liam Connell
Cathy and Rick Crowley
John and Jill Danaher
Miranda and Robert Donnelley
Tom and Maureen Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Foley
Thompson and Katie Ford Family
The Forestiere-Parthun Family
Susan Franzetti and Guy DeBoo
Gay and Otto Georgi

Louise and Jim Glasser
Alice and Ren Goltra
Melissa and Andrew Goltra
Julie and Henry Greene
Todd and Sarah Helfrich
Susie and Charlie Hoffmann
Lynn and Ned Jessen
Thomas Keim
Margaret and Jonathan Kelley
William Kirk
Kitty and Rob Lansing
Scott and Mary Anne Larson
Tracy Lee
Alan and Anne Lerner
Caroline and Marty Masterson
Mark and Lori McLaughlin
Michael and Jenny McMurray
Susan and Phil Merlin

The Harold Morrison Family
Mark and Betty Neerhof
Mary and Dennis O'Brien
Steve and Jill Pace
Matt Pannier
Bruce and Judith Reid
Debbie and Mark Saran
Scotty Searle
John and Susan Sentell
Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. St. Ville
Sullivan Family
Michelle and Chris Taubensee
Julie and Steve Valenti
Fred and Jacqueline Wacker
Mrs. Henry P. Wheeler
Barbara and Alain Wood-Prince
Andrew and Marie Woods
Susan and Stephen Wright

Other Gifts
Audrey and Brad Berish
Nancy and Peter Clemens
Carol and Rick Dall
Kathryn Dohrmann and Edward Packel
Sally and Tim Downey

Jean Greene
Whitley and David Herbert
Genevieve Hillis
Mr. and Mrs. L. Hitchcock
Cathy and Joe McGowan
Perry and Trey Minter

Moorhead Family
Nancy Smith
Heather and David Strong
Pam and David Waud
Robin and Mike Zafirovski

Piper Escorts
Matt Barba
Calvine and Charlie Bowen
Marina Carney
Marion Cartwright
Nancy Clemens
Liam Connell
Nancy and Jeff Conover
Veronica De Nicolo & Family
Msgr. Dempsey
Tom Dickelman

Sally Downey
Dave Gaspar & Family
Gay Georgi
Mary Hoffman
Augie Hoffmann
Joy Hurd
Greg Jones
Reid Kelly
Ryan London
Aldona Marchese

Tom Marks
Cathy McGowan
Rachel McMahon
Matt Palmer & Family
George Pandaleon
Rev. Clint Roberts
Kathy Rotha
Amy Wagliardo
John Sentell

Special Thanks
Cecily George Photography
Chef Paul Catering
City of Lake Forest
Pierce Clair
The Deerpath Inn
Didier Farms

Flowers by Katie Ford
Charlie Hoffmann
Lake Forest College
Lawrence Deans Bakery
MacFarlane Pheasants Inc.
Maureen Marsh

Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital
Soft Wave Fish Co.
Nancy Strolle
Sunset Foods
Village of Lake Bluff

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