Mentor Program
Each student participating in the Center for Conservation Leadership Certificate Program engages in a conservation-related stewardship project in his/her own community.

Upon the CCL group's return from the summer experience in June, CCL pairs each student with an adult as a guide through this stewardship project. Mentors work with the student to identify projects that have a positive environmental impact on the student’s community and are manageable for a busy high school student. CCL mentors do not need to have a background in conservation but should have a strong interest in working with high school students.

Mentoring a CCL student is an uplifting experience. It is rewarding to work with students as they begin to learn about conservation, stewardship and the impact that they can make in their community and to observe the maturation and pride that result. Each CCL mentor has a unique opportunity to help influence the life of a high school student by connecting and  advising the student about educational and professional goals.

To be a CCL mentor, a volunteer must:

  • Attend Mentor training held in July at Lake Forest Open Lands, 350 N. Waukegan Road, Lake Forest.
  • Attend CCL Mentor/Mentee events scheduled 4 -6 times between July and the following March. These are usually held on Saturday mornings or afternoons.
  • Be willing to communicate with your student. Mentors need to be proactive in following up with their student.
  • Support your student by participating in the stewardship project.
  • Help your student put together a power point or presentation for the Certificate Ceremony.
  • Attend the Spring Certificate Ceremony.

All mentors are subject to a background check.

Hear from CCL mentors!

CCL mentors come from many different backgrounds and professions. To become a mentor, please email a letter of interest.

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